About LumenPro

Close-up of an owner applying eye drops in dog's EyeLumenPro was developed to promote vision clarity in animals with cataracts. It provides advanced vision support with lanosterol and antioxidants to help dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other animals. 

Seeing your family pet suffer from cataracts can be heartbreaking and disappointing. Cataract surgery is a solution but it may not be an affordable option for many pet owners. LumenPro is here to help restore clarity of vision and quality of life to your pet.

Heliostatix, the parent company, was founded by a Chemical Engineer at the University of Maryland. We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing ophthalmic solutions that slow, stop and reverse the progression of cataracts. We continue to develop new and innovative products using our proprietary drug delivery technology. Heliostatix has earned acclaim from the veterinary community, and has a loyal following of satisfied customers.

Pet Vision Care

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Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to helping restore clarity of vision and quality of life to your pet. Try LumenPro today and see what we can do for your pet!