LumenPro Pet Cataracts Eye Drops

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Each 10 ml bottle of LumenPro contains two cataract-fighting ingredients: lanosterol (0.25%) and n-acetylcarnosine (1%). LumenPro is the only eye drop proven to deliver lanosterol to lens of the eye, where cataracts develop.

LumenPro Benefits

  • Professionally Recommended
  • Formulated To Be Gentle
  • More Effective Than Antioxidants Alone
  • Stimulates Natural Biological Pathways
  • Phosphate-Free & BPA-Free
  • GMP and ISO compliant
  • Proudly made in the USA

Why Choose LumenPro?

Unique Dual-Action Support

LumenPro’s dual-action support combines lanosterol, to reverse cataract progression; and n-acetylcarnosine (NAC), to prevent deterioration of the lens.

Effective Across Species

While most commonly used with dogs, LumenPro has also been shown to be effective on cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses and birds.  Any animal with the potential to develop cataracts can benefit from using LumenPro.  

Innovative, Cutting-Edge Formula

LumenPro is the only eye drop solution containing a bioavailable form of lanosterol, a molecule scientifically proven to dissolve the glycoproteins that cause cataracts in animal lenses.  LumenPro’s field-tested mechanism retains its active ingredients on the cornea for a longer time, allowing them to reach the lens where cataracts form.  LumenPro’s unique method of delivering a therapeutic dose of lanosterol to the eye’s lens is patent-pending.

Formulated to be Safe & Acclaimed by Professionals

USP-tested and formulated to be safe, LumenPro is an innovation in cataract treatment, earning acclaim from a wide variety of veterinary and health professionals.  LumenPro does not contain any phosphates or BPA.

Effective on Mild to Moderate, New Cataracts

LumenPro is recommended for pets with mild to moderate, or newly developing cataracts.  If your pet’s cataracts are caused by a chronic disease such as diabetes, LumenPro may not be beneficial unless the underlying condition is also treated and under control.

Superior Vision Protection

LumenPro’s laboratory-tested mechanism delivers and retains active ingredients on the lens for a longer time, allowing for vastly better penetration than competitor products.

Backed By Scientific and Medical Research

LumenPro uses a scientifically proven formula, shown to dissolve glycoproteins in animal lenses in peer-reviewed studies (1)


Liberally apply 1-3 drops of LumenPro to each eye twice daily. Assess improvement at 6 week intervals. Ask your vet before using in conjunction with other products.

Order LumenPro now, and help your pet see a clearer world!

Frequently Asked Questions

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LumenPro is an eye drop formula that contains 0.25% lanosterol and 1% n-acetylcarnosine. LumenPro uses patent-pending technology to ensure that lanosterol is delivered to the lens of the eye. Lanosterol is capable of reversing crystallin protein deformation that causes cataracts. LumenPro is recommended for use in animals suffering from cataracts.

Lanosterol is the main ingredient supplemented to the eye by LumenPro. Lanosterol helps to align and restore the crystallin proteins in the eye lens. These proteins are what makes the lens clear (in healthy individuals) or cloudy (in individuals suffering from cataracts.) Everything humans and animals see passes through these crystallin proteins so they must be in a natural and stable form to maintain lens clarity.

Damage occurring through age, injury, disease, diet or genetics can cause these proteins to become misshapen or deformed. These deformed proteins are likely to collect with other deformed proteins and even cause the healthy proteins around them to begin deforming. These collections of deformed proteins are cataracts.

Lanosterol helps to reverse the collection (aggregation) of these deformed proteins and is believed to restore proteins that are in the early stages of deformation. As the clump (aggregate) of cataract-causing proteins is broken up, light begins to pass through the eyes normally and vision can be restored. Similarly, n-acetylcarnosine has shown effectiveness at reducing cataract severity and is an anti-oxidant, which helps prevent further damage to the lens.

LumenPro is the only commercially-available eye drop that delivers both of these ingredients to the eyes in effective quantities.

No, a prescription is not required for LumenPro. LumenPro eye drops are a vision health supplement, and not a drug.
Yes. Our products can be purchased worldwide. However, some countries may have additional tariffs or may not allow imports of our products.

Both expedited and standard shipping options are available for most customers. All shipments originate in the USA, so domestic shipments may be received in as little as 2 business days or as many as 6 business days. International shipments may take over 20 days to be received due to customs policies of the receiving country.

LumenPro does not have formal dosage guidelines from a regulatory body. The recommended dosage according to our assessments is 1-3 drops (0.05-0.15 mL) per eye, given twice daily. More formal guidelines are as follows:

Dogs, Cats: 2 drops (0.3 ml – 0.5 ml) administered to each eye. 6-12 hours between applications.

Horses: 3 drops (0.45 ml – 0.75 ml) administered to each eye. 6-12 hours between applications.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rodents: 1 drop (0.15 ml – 0.25 ml) administered to each eye. 6-12 hours between applications.

Diabetic Animals: LumenPro has shown little effectiveness in preventing diabetic cataracts. Due to the rapid nature and onset of cataracts due to diabetes, we recommends considering the cost of lanosterol supplementation relative to surgery before purchasing LumenPro.