LumenPro Testimonials

“You helped my dog so much, thank you LumenPro!”

“Charley was unable to move around the house, but now he’s finally getting more comfortable!”​

“I’ve been using this product for just a few weeks and Tomtom’s eyes have already cleared up!”

“I had an issue with the tip clogging but they informed me that they had changed their manufacturing methods to fix the issue and sent me a replacement plus one extra!”

“After just a few weeks my pup had a noticeable difference in his right eye! Thank you so much!!”

“Both of Sam’s eyes cleared up about 60% or better after just 6 weeks of use! This product is incredible and I will definitely be recommending to friends!”

“My diabetic dog could barely move around the house and hadn’t tried to run in months. After a few weeks with LumenPro, he is jumping around and enjoying life again! My husband and I were both surprised, but so happy this product really worked for us!! Thank you!”